CAN programming interface environment - Version 3.04
CANpie FD Documentation

CANpie FD (CAN Programming Interface Environment) is an open source project and pursues the objective of creating and establishing an open and standardized software API for access to the CAN bus.

The current version of the CANpie FD API covers both classic CAN frames as well as ISO CAN FD frames. The API is designed for embedded control applications as well as for PC interface boards: programming of an embedded microcontroller is done in C, a C++ API is provided for OS independent access to interface boards. It is not the intention of CANpie FD to incorporate higher layer functionality (e.g. CANopen, J1939).

CANpie FD provides a method to gather information about the features of the CAN hardware. This is especially important for an application designer, who wants to write the code only once.


The C language API of CANpie FD (i.e. version 3) is compatible to CANpie (i.e. version 2) with the exception that 8 functions are deprecated. Please refer to the section Deprecated CANpie functions for details.

CANpie FD File structure

Refer to CANpie FD file structure for on overview.

CANpie FD configuration options

The CANpie FD driver offers a flexible concept for adaptation to a CAN controller. Please refer to the section CANpie configuration options for details.

CANpie FD Server

The CANpie FD Server provides a solution to connect CAN interfaces from various manufactures to a PC. The application accesses the CAN interfaces using the CANpie C or C++ language API.